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How The Sun-Twin Works...
1 A quiet, energy-efficient fan recycles heated air from the living area into the lamp chamber.
2 The unique copper heat exchanger absorbs heat energy from three powerful long-lasting industrial lamps, converting the energy to heat for transfer to the air. This heating approach protects recycled air from loss of humidity and from vaporized impurities and other pollutants.
3 Clean, comfortable heated air gently flows into living area, mixing and stabilizing air at the floor for more even temperature distribution, and more effective floor-level circulation and recycling.
4 Maximum heat transfer occurs in the upper heat chamber as the air passes around and through the hot tubes of the heat exchanger, increasing air temperature for re-entering to living area.

Electric Space Heaters - Heating up to 800 Sq.Ft.

"The Sun-Twin was so simple to setup and use. The unit was ready to go right out of the box. All I had to do was plug it in and set the thermostat for my desired temperature."
Alisha West
Independence, MO


Sun Twin Electric Space Heaters

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